Unplug Series

Quality music, Outstanding Talents, Intimate Setting, those are the three words that becoming our motto for Garuda Organizer's musical event called "Unplug Series".


In 2014, Garuda Organizer Launched its first "Unplug Series" concert under the brand of Simply Love, to satisfy the needs of music lover whose longing to enjoy an intimate musical performance brought by their favorite brands and artist.


Through the "Unplug Series" concert, you will get n amazing experience that will last forever. 

Hijab Fest

Hijab is a veil worn by some Muslim women which usually covers the head and chest. Most often, it is worn by women as a symbol of fashion, modesty and privacy.


Given the popular demand to have hijab festival especially in Ramadhan, we are honor to be able to participate in such festives by creating our first Hijab Festival in Lippo Mall Puri Jakarta.

We are commited to have more similar events in the coming years.

Pets Fair

Pet animal industry in Indonesia is growing fast. The increase of pets in Indonesia up to 7,1% until 2020. In the other hand, amount of the pet community in Indonesia up to 15,6% in Southeast Asia.


The increase of this pet community encourages the increasing needs of pet as well as the businesses and industries in them. The data shows that share of pet industries is divided into Dogfood 51,5%, Catfood 20,2%, Pet product 16,9%, and others 11,1%.


Many pet community will be invited, and also the interesting contents such as dog competition, talkshow and workshop about caring pet, socialization and education about reptile, parrot show, sugar glidder contest, and many more.


The benefit of joining this event such as marketing strategy, product testing, locations or markets testing, and allowing brands to capture the traffic without committing to a long term lease.