Pop Up Market

Pop-up shops are taking over the retail world and rethinking traditional brick-and-mortar and big-box stores, but what exactly is a shop that pops up?

Pop-up shops and pop-up retail are temporary retail spaces that sell merchandise of any kind. That’s right, just about every consumer product has been sold via a pop-up shop at one point in time.

From art to fashion to tech gadgets and food, pop-ups are exciting because they create short-term stores that are just about as creative as they are engaging. And they come in all shapes and sizes

Pop-Up concepts have many benefits, Some of the benefits are listed below

Connect with customers: The pop-up retail format allows you to personally get to know your customers and build stronger relationships.

Sell more: About 95% of all purchases are still completed offline. This is your opportunity to take advantage of the retail channel.
Build awareness: Consumers and the media love the excitement generated by pop-up shops. Build brand awareness by going offline.

It’s cheaper: Launching a pop-up shop is 80% cheaper than a traditional retail store.
Test new markets: Easily enter a new market and launch new products.
So why wait? Join us in our Simply Pop-Up Market and lets creates something simply convenience and enjoyable for all shopper.

Culinary Fest (Pork)

Pork based culinaries are one of the most commonly consumed dishes worldwide. It, besides beef and chicken, is the most popular meat in Eastern and Southeastern Asia. It is also very common in the Western world, especially in United States and Central Europe.


A Pork based culinary events generally have multiple food vendors selling pork based cuisine from all over the world such as barbecue pork ribs, "nasi Campur", pulled pork sandwiches, pork dimsum, "siomay", pork skewer and other related food choices.


The local vendors usually comes from different culinary background and regions all over indonesia. 
Indonesian favorites cuisine such as "babi Guling", "sei","sate babi", "lapo","Nasi campur" from wellknown vendors have always present at our events.

Due to popular demand Garuda Organizer is constantly creating unique events for the particular demands under the brand Porkylicious, Pork Fest & Pork and Beer.  

Culinary Fest (Seasonal)

People loves to eat, that why Our culinary festivals have always been a means of uniting food lovers communities.

Some of our food festivals such as Ramadhan culinary festival are themed around specific cuisin popular at that period of time on the other hand, we also create food festivals themed around specific cuisine such as noodle and dessert festivals.

Our culinary festivals are alway popular and we are commited to bring more culinary events in the future.